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Welcome to the Realm of Hyrule!

:star: GUIDELINES! :star:


:bulletblue: To join, just click on "Join this group"! All join requests are automatically accepted.


:bulletblue: You can submit anything Legend of Zelda related, from any game. Just be sure to submit to the right gallery!

:bulletblue: You can submit up to 2 works at day.

:bulletblue: Please try to submit only your best and finished works! :3

:bulletblue: Please keep your art appropriate! We will never accept hentai/porn.

:bulletblue: Official Art is not allowed. Sorry.

:bulletblue: Every pic submitted to the group has to be accepted by the admins, so please don't submit the same art again. If it expires, though, you're free to do it.


:bulletblue: You can suggest as many favourites as you want.

:bulletred: Have fun! :D

- :iconclopina: :iconladybrenes: :heart:

Gallery Folders

Twilight Princess: The Three Sides of Link by TiuanaRui
Skyward sword by northernlightsky
Young Princess Zelda by Scarlet-Asura-Fox
Zelda: Hope by vtas
Skyward Sword
One Step Closer by Galapagos-Girl
Demon Lord of the Surface by 50shadesofPitchBlack
The First Hero by KishinRinku
Aloft by Galapagos-Girl
Spirit Tracks
Legendary Spirit Tracks by upstreamwake
LOZ Spirit Tracks Link by 955rolling
Zelda Collab - Geozard Chief from Spirit Tracks by Turquoisephoenix
Zelda Collab: Ferrus by PitchBlackEspresso
Phantom Hourglass
AutoChallenge Week 1 -TLoZ- DAY 6 Linebeck by LaraVell
Tetra age regression by ryuuzaki11
Toon Zelda age regression by ryuuzaki11
Toon Link age regression by ryuuzaki11
Twilight Princess
Ordon wedding... by Filiana
LoZ: Elbows by saltycatfish
It's in the Air by AncientDragoness
I can't remember... by Filiana
Minish Cap
The Wind Mage by GoneVintage
Wind Magician Vaati Redux by Astralstonekeeper
[Minish Cap] A New World by KishinRinku
Link Travelling the World 2 by KishinRinku
Wind Waker
Tiny Toon Link - April/16 by KishinRinku
Medli by Flamingoz
-Tuff hero- by Tharene
Wind Waker by tinysaucepan
Four Swords
You're an idiot, but you're my idiot by 50shadesofPitchBlack
Laser Tag Tetrarchy by Galapagos-Girl
Vaati ~ Art Request by LenFan20
Mwahahaha by IndependantArtist
Oracle of Seasons - Oracle of Ages
This will give you courage [Remake] by Kyraktos
Oracle of Ages by Narayu
Divine Sisters by Narayu
Maple (Oracle Of Age/Season) by Twiliy3110
Majora's Mask
Chibi skull kid by MeineHerzeleid
Majora- The Legend of Zelda by funkynary
Ocean Fishing Hole by PitchBlackEspresso
Strolling through the Lost Woods by PitchBlackEspresso
Ocarina of Time
The Trio by Bost5000
Beaded doll: Saria (Ocarina of Time) by crafty-maika
Beaded doll: Link (Legend of Zelda) by crafty-maika
Our dearest fairy boy by funkynary
Link's Awakening
Secrets of Koholint by PitchBlackEspresso
Dethl-- Zelda Collab by Astralstonekeeper
Zelda Collab: The Wind Fish by PitchBlackEspresso
Breath of the Wild by mrbro0ks
A Link to the Past
The hero by TheDarkXelloss
LoZ: Red Potion by saltycatfish
Princess Zelda: A Link to the Past by Kikifoo
LoZ: Fairy by saltycatfish
Adventure of Link
Link Traveling the World 3 by KishinRinku
The true Adventure Of Link by Yuese
Let's start the adventure! by Yuese
Slumber by Krustalos
Legend of Zelda
Legend of Zelda - Hyrule Warrior by dreamscaperx
Hey! Listen! by mrbro0ks
Hyrule Warriors - Link's on battle by akathays
Hyrule Warrios - Let's fight! by akathays
Mixed Games
Super Cute  Link Hyrule Warrior by SoyUnGnomo
Just borrowing by kousovaas
Cute Hylian Boys by sidesofthe-samecoin
The Legend of Linkle by kousovaas
Breath of the Wild by TiredHierophant
Linkle Request by TiredHierophant
Linkle by KishinRinku
Stylish Woman-- Zelda Collab by Astralstonekeeper
Link Breath of the Wild by Eleo-choco
TLoZ - I don't support self-cest, sorry. by Judas-la-Carotte
:.Stamp:. GhiraFi by 50shadesofPitchBlack

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Welcome to the Realm of Hyrule!
Here you can meet with other Legend of Zelda fans, make new friends and show off your artwork! <3









Just send us as an Affiliation Request if you'd like to affiliate with us!
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Anadia-Chan Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2016   General Artist
Why doesn't Breath of the Wild have a folder yet?
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No CDi folder???
You must scrub all the floors in Hyrule as punishment!!!
NightShadeStudio Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2016  Professional General Artist
Will there be a folder added soon for Zelda U?
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Does this group accept original characters? If so, where would they go?
camerox Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2015
What about triforce heroes?
beedok Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2015
Wow. Admins here are quick! :D
ScarletQuill Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2015
I have a Simon Belmont/Sprite (from the Captain N and Super Mario Bros cartoon series) image and one shot. Can I submit it to ya'll?
AceArtz1001 Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2014
would re-draws be considered official art?
SkyKly Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Where would I put crossover art?
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My new Facebook page with more information. More collector videogames figures and other subject in the future. Thanks friends!
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