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Welcome to the Realm of Hyrule!

:star: GUIDELINES! :star:


:bulletblue: To join, just click on "Join this group"! All join requests are automatically accepted.


:bulletblue: You can submit anything Legend of Zelda related, from any game. Just be sure to submit to the right gallery!

:bulletblue: You can submit up to 2 works at day.

:bulletblue: Please try to submit only your best and finished works! :3

:bulletblue: Please keep your art appropriate! We will never accept hentai/porn.

:bulletblue: Official Art is not allowed. Sorry.

:bulletblue: Every pic submitted to the group has to be accepted by the admins, so please don't submit the same art again. If it expires, though, you're free to do it.


:bulletblue: You can suggest as many favourites as you want.

:bulletred: Have fun! :D

- :iconclopina: :iconladybrenes: :heart:

Gallery Folders

Skyward sword by northernlightsky
Young Princess Zelda by Scarlet-Asura-Fox
Zelda: Hope by vtas
Skyward Sword
Bard's CollegeCollaboration Contest: Blind Date by Jasmo
The Demon Lord by HolyLilium
Fi by DiamondHour
Fi by Darkonius64
Spirit Tracks
Link by koala-bears
Snowy Winter Ride by KatWentzArt
ZM17 - Engineer Princess by Krustalos
Spirit Flute by a-queen-of-witches
Phantom Hourglass
AT: Linebeck and Link by koala-bears
Bickering by koala-bears
Inktober Day 13 by SakuraNights
AutoChallenge Week 1 -TLoZ- DAY 6 Linebeck by TheArtOfVero
Twilight Princess
Midna by Realitatis
AT: Nyra by Webmegami
Na'Ima Nalae by Anilede
[OC] Na'Ima Nalae by Camara-san
Minish Cap
Zelda Minish Cap Temple of Droplets Remix by MelodyCrystel
The Minish Cap by Ligiria
Water Color Pencil Toon Link by Redtailed22
No Good Luck Here by Goldy--Gry
Wind Waker
Random Chars. 7.5: Birdemic by Scarlet-Ajani
Mini Item Pot Clay Vase Wind Waker Zelda Custom by TorresDesigns
Pools by Ppeacht
Hero of The Wind by PocketLocketX
Four Swords
Honduran Vaatis by Astralstonekeeper
Princess Zelda from Four Swords by a-queen-of-witches
Red by VentiusArt
Four Swords Sketch by LinkTahuterasuSpirit
Oracle of Seasons - Oracle of Ages
Veran by DiamondHour
::Aquamentus:: by The-redmund-shou
Oracle of Seasons by Ligiria
Galaxy Farore by ellenent
Majora's Mask
CSMM: Entire Group by Eli-J-Brony
Ocarina of Time
Zelda Ceramic Lon Lon Ranch Milk Bottle Custom by TorresDesigns
Link's Awakening
Crazy Tracy Link's Awakening by Ligiria
A Link to the Past
Dark World Spec Ops: Agent Ku by Kairnain
Adventure of Link
ZM17 - Double Princess Trouble by Krustalos
Legend of Zelda
Princess of Hyrule by Geekydog
Mixed Games
Zero Suit Samus Vs Princess Zelda! (comm) by CatCouch
LoH: Plaguing Thoughts by AquaTiffy
Wild - Draw it Again by IAmAmory
Breath of the Wild
Riju WIP by geistmii

Random from Featured

Farewell, Hyrule by kenjiko Farewell, Hyrule :iconkenjiko:kenjiko 200 18 Ninja Link: The Hero of Taimu by Lt-Action Ninja Link: The Hero of Taimu :iconlt-action:Lt-Action 61 5
Fan push to get Princess Zelda a playable game
Hey guys, I’m hoping I can have your support and help with another cause. Recently one of the creators of the Zelda series (Aonuma) stated that he would be open to giving Princess Zelda a playable role if enough people have “strong feelings about it.” Well, I do and I’d even be happy if they just gave her a more befitting role for a ruler with the Power of Wisdom and the Gods at her disposal. So I created a Facebook page for it and would love it if you joined and if you spread the word about it. Just like with the Hyrule Historia push we made: I believe we can make this happen. Here's the link, please share it with your friends:
And please join!
Let’s absolutely shock them with how many people want to see this happen.
:iconthehistoryofhyrule:TheHistoryofHyrule 3 36
Princess Zelda by Zita52 Princess Zelda :iconzita52:Zita52 331 32 Zelda MM are you ready? by Zita52 Zelda MM are you ready? :iconzita52:Zita52 139 29 Wind Fish by unclepiip Wind Fish :iconunclepiip:unclepiip 210 20
SPECIALIS - :Life Gives You Lemons: [1]
You can assume that your life is going to shit when you begin to experience things that occur in the movies.
To be specific, your life is going to take a crap on your perspective when things are happening to you, and you know it isn't because of the fish you had last night. Fish is good for you--that's a fact. There's no way in hell it could do anything bad to you.
Oh, I'm sorry--was this the introduction you weren't expecting? Well, look at all the fucks I give. And no, I don't really have an anger management problem--it's just that I personally don't care about what people do or say about me. If it's true, then what the hell can I do about it? Just like things that happen to you; you can't control them, so why bother trying to mess with 'em? Right? Right. So quit bitching and just pay attention.
If my language offends you, then I suppose I could give two figs about that. Just a droplet of consideration for you, so you can thank me for that. I could very possibly
:iconzelda206:Zelda206 3 4
SPECIALIS - :Where On Earth: [2]
So, this is where you came in. Rushing wind, me being unconscious, falling--yeah. Not sure how I ended up like that; was just going to class. Minding my own business. Then reality decided to hiccup and shit all over my life.
Fuckin' rainbows. I'm gonna kill that poptart cat franchise next I see it.
Right--back to the falling part. Back to where my life gets a bit more interesting.
I begin to regain consciousness during the fall, though I'm still a little dazed from what went down just moments before. You were there. You saw it, so I ain't repeating myself. So, I'm tumbling head-over-heels, my legs creating a wide-arched swinging motion that carries me around and around in a sickening tumble towards the earth. Too much wind rushing into my face, suffocating me so I can't scream very well. Wind is screaming into my ears and my hair is filling my face, blinding me and forcing me to close my eyes. I reach out, kicking and thrashing instinctively but knowing there's nothing up in this waste
:iconzelda206:Zelda206 2 4
SPECIALIS - :Wish It Was That Simple: [3]
Guess what happened after that? I completely fell on my face in a dead faint out of sheer shock. All Twilight-drama style, right?
Fuck that. That's for little girls. I didn't faint--that's stupid.
I did have a revelation, though.
Oh, and I had a panic attack. Let me see if I can remember it:
OhmyGodohmyGodohmyGodohmygodohmygodohmy--Never-ending stream. Fuckin' hell. Couldn't calm down, and no, it wasn't because the guy was cute or anything. I was having one of those "I KNEW EET!" moments, like some sort of friggin' nerd fan or something. It was more along these lines of a chain-reaction of epiphanies suddenly occurring all at once. Let me try to draw it up for you:
Name of Link --> Sight of Link --> Hyrule --> Legend of Zelda --> FUCKIN' VIDEO-GAME!!!
Conclusion? I wasn't in Kansas anymore. Suddenly realizing this, it was beginning to become very hard to breathe, and my eyes darted to and fro as my mind tried to make sense of what was going on.
:iconzelda206:Zelda206 0 2
SPECIALIS - :Heroes Doody: [4]
I woke up in the dark. Rather unexpected; my entire motherfuckin' core has been shot already from everything that has happened, so this doesn't surprise me by much. Still, what was happening was something otherworldly:
I'm looking up, right? I'm in the dark, staring upward. I see something shining above me, and I'm also floating in the air. I'm not falling this time; just like a jacuzzi-float sort of sensation. Nice and comfy. Something I've been needing after all of the shit that's been going down.
The Voice suddenly begins to speak. Again, in the flippin' language I can't understand. It's like listening through water. "I can't hear you!" I actually have some control over my actions in this dream-vision thing, and that gives me some reassurance to continue going. The glowing figure begins to draw closer, and I squint in effort to see them.
Damn, that's just messed up.
Ain't even HUMAN! It's a blue-purple person without any arms! Her voice--I'm assuming it's a female--is comforting,
:iconzelda206:Zelda206 0 2
SPECIALIS - :I Want An Elevator: [5]
The figure stood before a circle made of blackened magic, weaving in and out across the floor in an intricate, complex design. Their back to any who might identify them, they strode forth quite suddenly until they came to the center of the design, to where a crystalline object sat impaled into its core.
They placed their hand upon it, caressing it as if it were a pet of sorts. "Lord Demise...are you...among?"
There was a great shaking, though the figure did not flinch. Satisfaction was apparent in their body-language. They smile, "It is fortunate you have not left us, my Lord...what shall our move be?"
The figure nods slowly, "Yes, Lord Demise--but we cannot approach it like the time before...last time, the boy was victorious."
"None shall oppose you, my Lord; we have the advantage, this time." The earth begins to rumble and quake, eager to break apart, but the artifact in the center glows brightly and holds fast. The
:iconzelda206:Zelda206 0 4
Karma by StarbuckViper Karma :iconstarbuckviper:StarbuckViper 32 12 Legend of Zelda: Link by Millie-Rose13 Legend of Zelda: Link :iconmillie-rose13:Millie-Rose13 213 33 Skyward Sword: Princess Zelda by Millie-Rose13 Skyward Sword: Princess Zelda :iconmillie-rose13:Millie-Rose13 26 6 Triforce hat by patchesthecat92 Triforce hat :iconpatchesthecat92:patchesthecat92 4 3 Zelda Hoodie by patchesthecat92 Zelda Hoodie :iconpatchesthecat92:patchesthecat92 5 0


Welcome to the Realm of Hyrule!
Here you can meet with other Legend of Zelda fans, make new friends and show off your artwork! <3









Just send us as an Affiliation Request if you'd like to affiliate with us!
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UniverseShark Featured By Owner May 16, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for wanting to feature my art here!!! I've got plenty more if you want it!
DiamondHour Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Working on a Legend of Zelda series at the moment. Would love it if people vote on my poll for what characters should be included. 

Here are some characters in the series:
  Princess Ruto by DiamondHour Saria by DiamondHour Princess Zelda by DiamondHour Sheik by DiamondHour Nabooru by DiamondHour 
Nukumnehtar Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Not sure if I can request for volunteering artists here, but I'll give it a shot: Are there are any Zelda fans here interesting in making photoshop art for a Zelda total conversion modification for the game Crusader Kings 2? What we really need is someone to make icons for traits in the game, replacing Earthly religious icons with ones from Hyrule, as well as pieces to character portraits for races such as Zora, Gorons, Deku, etc. Other graphic art can be done as well. We are hoping to make the mod as polished as the Elder Kings mod for CK2 is, so conquering Hyrule can be more readily enjoyed by Zelda fans.

Let me know if you or anyone you know might be interested in volunteering and joining our development team.
-Pol Hywel
Anadia-Chan Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2016   General Artist
Why doesn't Breath of the Wild have a folder yet?
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No CDi folder???
You must scrub all the floors in Hyrule as punishment!!!
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Does this group accept original characters? If so, where would they go?
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